Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 3 Box

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Numberella is a table top math game containing cards, dice and coins. It's built around the US common core curriculum, and is data proven to improve maths scores - as well as change the way kids feel about math for the better!

Recipient Of the Academic's Choice Brain Toy Award. 

This box is for: 

- Grades 8+*

- Children from 12 upwards**

- Curriculum supporting

- x18 5 star reviews on Amazon***

* As recommended by Bulloch County Georgia

** Guideline only - buy the game that best suits your students

*** Across all 3 levels of Numberella


So how do you play?

You roll a dice to choose a card, and then answer the question on it to earn Antcoins, the currency of the game. The person with the most Antcoins when the buzzer goes, wins the game.

In a 1 hour game, 4 children will perform  at least 300 calculations, greatly improving fluency. Watch the video below to see how! 


The game is also great fun, which is why kids love to play. Alongside maths questions, it contains 'Fortune Cards', which balance the knowledge requirement with luck. Use Miss A Go to make another player miss a turn, The Thief to steal their money, or Harry Hijack to take their question from them.The luck offsets the knowledge requirement, resulting in a game which everyone believes they can win, notwithstanding their math level. 

This video shows a group of kids getting ready to play a Numberella competition at a school in Georgia.  

The game is acclaimed by teachers, parents, and home schoolers as a product which makes kids love math - and is increasingly recognised as a way to accelerate processing and exam outcomes. Watch what teachers, parents and homeschoolers have to say about it. 

Indeed, in a data trial at a school in the UK, 100% of students using Numberella improved their grade after playing Numberella twice a week for 3 months. You can view the data here

It's not just in the UK that teachers think Numberella makes kids better at maths - Heidi Long, teacher of gifted students at Tunnel Hill Elementary, said that using Numberella translated into better performance at Maths Olympiads. 

In fact, so popular has the game proven, that it has been adopted as part of the curriculum in Bulloch County, Georgia, where it is played across the county as part of their gifted programme. Click here to see the game being played in a 9 school competition in Statesboro. 

Let's give the last word to Juan Pablo, a bi-lingual kid from Mexico - here's what he said after finishing his first game of Numberella: 


Here are some of our favourite Numberella quotes from users of the game: 

"Numberella makes kids of all ages beg to do math."

Dr April De Gennaro, Teacher of Gifted Students, Peeples Elementary. To view April's Video Testimonial click here

"I can testify that not a week goes by that kids are not begging to play.  So, I have to assume that the enthusiasm students have for the game translates into enhanced appreciation for mathematics in general.  I'd even go as far as to say that some kids have started to look at math as "fun." That's a fairly monumental achievement in my opinion."

Heidi Long, Teacher of Gifted Students at Tunnel Hill Elementary.


The Level 3 Box contains questions designed for children from 6 onwards. It has been recommended by US educators for grades 8+. 

  • Ideal for Grades 5-7

  • Curriculum Based (Common Core) 

  • Data Proven

  • Comes with free league creation software. Click here to create your league. 


Every Level 3 box of Numberella includes:

162x Game cards

75x Fortune Cards

24x D.I.Y. Cards

2x Red Dice

2x Green Dice

2x White Dice

1x Sand Timer

25x 5 Antcoins

35x 10 Antcoins

20x 100 Antcoins

6x Jewels