"Numberella makes kids of all skill levels beg to do math"
Dr. April De Gennaro, Peeples Elementary
"Major fluency skills have greatly improved"
Heidi Long, Tunnel Hill Elementary
"I loved Numberella. It was a brilliantly fun and educational game. "
Jennifer, Year 5, De Beauvoir Primary

Numberella World

Make Learning Fun!

It is the year 2098. Numberella, recently orphaned, is living  with her grandparents in the suburbs of Probabilium: one of the last cities on earth left standing after the Great Flood of 2073. Numberella’s parents - top scientists working for The Organisation - were killed in a mysterious accident thought to involve an alien species called the Meltz. Read more.

Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 1 Box
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Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 2 Box
Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 3 Box
Tiger Edition Level 2 - Subtraction
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Tiger Edition Level 1: Multiplication
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Tiger Edition Level 1: Subtraction
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Tiger Edition Level 1: compendium
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