Antonio Edition Level 1

Antonio Edition Motivational Brain Training Books have been developed over years of private maths tuition and are guaranteed to improve processing speed and numerical fluency as long as they are practiced on a daily basis.

Each book contains 40 exercises in 4 different 'styles', which mean that the child develops a rounded 'multi-strand' numeracy that will protect them from 'algebra-fright' - a moment in maths teaching where kids get spooked because they've only ever learnt to do arithmetic in the traditional a + b = _ style.  

The books also contain packs of shiny stickers which kids love - they are the biggest and shiniest stickers you'll find. Use the Goal Setting and Personal Best motivational strategies to inspire your kid to new heights, and watch as their numeracy accelerates and becomes better than that of their peers. 

Check out the stickers here: 

Antonio Edition Level 1
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