Tiger Edition Motivational Brain Training Books

The Tiger Edition motivational brain training books are designed to accelerate processing speed to 'automation' level - the moment at which numerical fluency is achieved, and calculating becomes as easy and enjoyable as speaking. 

Containing 120 questions per exercise, the time thresholds take a student from Bronze through to ANT level. Should they achieve ANT (and all students will, if they practice) they will experience the joy of automated numeracy, which will change the way they perceive numbers forever. 

Year Group Guide - 5th Grade onwards. Perfect for children attempting to enter a Gifted programme. 

If you'd like to know where your child stands in relation to the books, click here to download an assessment pack. 

Watch Numberella founder Alexander F.L. Newberry discuss how the books work here:

For more in depth information, there are two hands on explainer videos.

Watch part 1 here

Watch part 2 here


Tiger Edition Motivational Brain Training Books
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